Jay is a Muslim from China. He knows what happens to Muslims in China. When caught, they are put into internment camps where they are treated to holocaust-like conditions with no hope for freedom.

Becoming a dad changed everything for Jay. Looking into his son’s eyes imagining a future imprisoned forever caused Jay to risk everything. He escaped four weeks ago, endangering his life and paying cartels $11,000 to cross into the US. He told reporters, “I am yearning for freedom”.

When Jay met my friend Cara two years ago, there was something in that meeting that ignited a hope in him that life could be more. He started imagining a better life.

Jay believes there is more for his wife and new son. He is doing everything and anything to gain freedom for them all. Jay knows they were born to
be free.

We have all been born to be free. We resonate with stories of immigration, liberation, salvation. Our souls know we are meant to thrive. But sometimes, we are simply surviving. Though we may not be imprisoned, when we default to just getting by, life can eventually feel unsustainable.

If you’re like me and have places in your life where you are not free, consider what you would risk everything to achieve? When you imagine that freedom, what happens inside of you? What inner barriers prevent you from seeking more for your life? Are there inner voices or stories that are unconsciously directing you?

This Fourth of July, may this be our invitation to find our yearning for freedom. May Jay’s incredible courage inspire us to imagine the lives we were born for and to stop at nothing until we achieve it. We are built to be brave. We were born to be free. Let’s seek freedom together.