Beth Stanley

Over 25 Years of creating a safe space…

Beth is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor. She has worked for over twenty-five years in counseling centers, churches, and schools working with adolescents, women, marriages, and families. She received a degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University.

As a former chaplain and counselor for hospice, the experiences of being near death have deeply influenced Beth’s approach to the sacred space of counseling. She loves to create a safe place for clients to be fully known, respected, and inspired.

Understanding can be found through the lens of the Enneagram, mindfulness, and self-compassion through practices taught by Tara Brach, Dr. Hilary McBride, and Dr. Kristin Neff and can help cultivate transformation. Mystical moments happen when people start seeking healing and it is humbling to see how the universe conspires to cultivate new seasons of hope and redemption.

Beth’s areas of specialty include working with adolescents, women, and men in areas of grief, anxiety, depression, LGBTQIA+, life transitions, the Enneagram, and spiritual development.

In her spare time, Beth enjoys family and friends, yoga, cooking, and reading, plus good conversations, chips, salsa, and a margarita. Beth’s husband of twenty-plus years and their four daughters enjoy trips to Big Bend, theater, horses, and creating art and music wherever they can.

beth stanley

Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor

“If you are
what you are
meant to be
You will
set the
world on fire”

St Catherine of Siena
Elizabeth Stanley
Elizabeth Stanley

When holy people see their beautiful and true selves, miracles happen.

I used to work as a chaplain and a counselor at a hospice. When I would meet with people who were dying I felt like I was standing on holy ground. I wanted to take my shoes off. I realize that the same thing happens in counseling. I hear precious people telling sacred stories at the crossroads in their lives – it is holy work and humbling honor.

But it is never so holy as when someone who has been marginalized or judged shares their suffering. Being a witness to such stories of bigotry and pain, then seeing people hope for love anyway has changed me forever.

I am committed to being an ally, an advocate, and a confidante to LBGTQIA+ friends who need support in any part of life. Our world needs love. Our community needs the LBTQIA+ presence. This planet needs everyone. I don’t want to be in a place where LBGTQIA+ is not welcomed, wanted, appreciated, known, seen, and celebrated.

Brene Brown says that “true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are”. May we be cultivating a world where everyone feels they belong. If one person does not feel connected, then that disconnect reverberates through our world and we are all impacted.

Mother Teresa said, “if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”. What if we saw everyone as our brother or sister? Maybe we could be one step closer to unity and belonging in our world. Maybe we can start here.

It is possible to incorporate Christianity without judgment. It is possible to have a deep spirituality and intimacy with the holy while being in the LGBTQIA+ community. When people see their beautiful and true selves, miracles happen.

Sometimes the subtlest epiphanies cause the greatest hope. The slightest movement can make the biggest change. A random revelation unlocks a lifetime of shame. Life has a way of leading toward meaning and redemption. Sometimes we need another pair of eyes to see what is happening.

I look forward to hearing your stories and seeing the magic. I believe a beautiful story awaits you.