“It was a singular sensation to be held so gently and yet so fiercely, to be stared down at with so much love”. (Kate DiCamillo, “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”).

Edward Tulane is a porcelain bunny who is on a journey to love. His story of finding himself and learning to feel loved contains beautiful lessons for us all. Learning to actually feel and receive love is our Most important lesson.

Kristin Neff talks about gentle self compassion and fierce self compassion. Both help alleviate our suffering. Gentleness accepts and allows. Fierceness protects and provides. Think soft accepting grandma versus ferocious mama bear, think warm, tender hug versus brave self defense, think saying to yourself kindly, “it’s okay” versus saying boldly “that is not okay”.

We need both the gentleness and fierceness of love. And I believe we need it most from within ourselves. Just like little bunny Edward Tulane’s journey teaches, learning to feel loved could change everything in our world.

I have spent too much time not loving myself well. I have not always understood this. Sadly, painfully, tragically even, this has had a ripple effect in my life. To truly turn this ship around, I am playing with many practices and ideas that could lead to love. Here are a few I am sharing from my heart to yours:

A Letter from Love: Liz Gilbert has been writing to herself all her life. Her latest writings have been letters from love. Every day She asks herself “What would love have me know today” and then writes whatever comes to her. This practice miraculously stirs an answer from the wisest space of love and holiness inside us. (Substack: letters from love with Elizabeth Gilbert)
Yin and Yang Meditation: This is a short and sweet meditation to help lead to richer and fuller self compassion. On the inhale, breathe in the white hot energy of fierceness – that fierce exterior strength that motivates to protect or provide. Then exhale the soft tender gentle breath of compassion – that tender nurturance that brings acceptance and inner healing. This breath work can help focus and integrate both important components of self compassion.
A New Story: Imagine that every situation is here to show you what is good about you. Practice looking for the best in you. Believe for the moment that you are pure. what will you do now that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are wholeheartedly good? Let this idea guide you in your very next circumstance.
Thank you for joining this journey to love. I have been honored to see your purity and goodness. I am committed to helping us all feel held gently and fiercely and stared down at with so much love.