An Ally & An Advocate

Be true. Be fierce. Be you.

Do you ever feel like there is a gap between who you want to be and who you are? Do you have a hidden hope that inside you is goodness and magic full of dignity and opportunity?

You came into this world with golden DNA. You were sacredly woven into your mother’s womb no matter who or what or where you were born. Your life is evolving right now on a journey moving toward greatness on this earth. You are meant to connect your gifts with the worlds’ needs.

You deserve to believe in the goodness in yourself. You owe it to yourself to plumb the depths of your gold. You can be like so many who have opened up their hearts to the possibilities of their inherent dignity to find hope and power and creativity to share with the world.

Your soul has a way of working out its healing. As wounds on the body organically, instinctively heal themselves, our hearts are doing the same. Dreams, memories, stories, nature, songs, art, yoga, novels, self-help books, workshops, simple walks … truly anything can and will bring healing movement to your soul.

Have you ever found yourself humming a song out of the blue only to find that you happen to be singing a fight song that speaks the exact message you need to be empowered? Did you ever wake up from a dream sensing the importance of the random people and scenes? A quote pops into your head and you find yourself repeating the words like a mantra … these are some of the mysterious ways the holy power in us brings about healing and wholeness.

I have watched this over and over in my own life and in the lives of people I love and counsel. Circumstances and heart movement seem to conspire together to cultivate transformation when a person is ready to experience change. Wherever you are on your journey, we can find hope and healing together.

When you are ready to move …. out of a painful situation, through a transition, into a new chapter …. Consider this space and this place. You are a beautiful one. I look forward to seeing you.

Elizabeth Stanley

al-ly / noun / al-i : one that is associated with another as a helper: a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, struggle.

advocate / noun / ‘adveket : a person who pleads on someone else’s behalf, or who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy

You’re nothing short of magical and beautiful to me.

– Brandi Carlile, “Mother”

We all deserve to feel nothing short of magical and beautiful. Do you know your magic? Have you seen your beauty? Come home to yourself. Take a moment to find the inner you who shines. Everyone has a story filled with magic, truth, madness, hope, redemption. Telling your stories helps you find the threads and themes showing up. The universe needs you to be exactly who you are. I am here listening and looking for the sacred threads of hope and redemption in you.



Life and relationships get messy.  Sometimes we find ourselves in dark waters. Whether you’re looking for a long-term therapist to be with you on your counseling journey or a “tell me I’m not crazy” conversation, I have got you.



I am a Licensed Supervisor who can give you the supervision you need to acquire the clinical hours necessary to become licensed in the great state of Texas.



Sue Monk Kidd once said we find ourselves in the stories of others. I have written some stories about dear people and their sacred dying experiences. I found hope and light for my life in their stories. I hope you will too.

If you would like to read “A Time To Mourn” please email me at and request a free pdf copy.


Enneagram Field Guide

The Enneagram Field Guide is a workshop for teams looking to increase their understanding of themselves and their team members. In this workshop, there will be teaching about the inner workings of the ways each member relates to the world and processes information. In addition, there will be a private consultation time with each member giving opportunity for developing strategies for better connections, better productivity, better team effectiveness.

Beth Stanley

A Journey to Healing

Carl Jung said, “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Wholeness is the process of becoming real. Understanding who we are can set the stage for bringing compassion to our inner self. In this light, a journey to healing begins and freedom and peace become possible. Join me in a conversation about ways to increase both understanding and compassion about yourself and to grow closer to who you are meant to be.

Making Authentic & Eternal Connections

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June – 2024 – Here’s To Dads

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May – 2024 – A Mother’s Eyes

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