December 2022

Love Changes Everything

Everything started changing when our first child was born. Now, as each child evolves, my world does too. My beliefs about the human heart, ideas about theology, my take on politics, feelings about church and my overall sense of life and God keep shifting. When love for my babies was born, it changed everything.

The changing really started over twenty years ago when I fell in love. As our love grew, so did my awareness that everything in me affected him. Being one meant it was no longer just about me. I could not love my dear husband and stay the same. Our love changed everything.

This season we remember the coming of a baby who was born to change everything.

He came into a dark world, at a dark time as a promised king. Yet He was born beside animals with a world leader planning his demise. His birth story is to be our hope: light in the darkness, a king in a manger, life from death.

Maybe these paradoxes are why the ache is more acute at Christmas. We know of hope, but live with doubt. We walk in a dark world, yet know there is light. We want love to mend, but brokenness remains. A baby is being born this season. May it be you. May it be me. Let’s join the wonder of hoping for new life this season, believing it could change everything.

It is truly why He came … to change everything.