Each day when we first wake up and our eyes slowly open, there are silent, profound moments of awakening. Jungians tell us these are the first, most defenseless moments we will have in our day. These morning moments when our ego is still asleep are special spaces when the truest essence of our being is awake and aware. What might be awakening?
These may be moments when we can most clearly hear our authentic self. When we are awakened, we see things as if through new eyes. We catch a fresh perspective. Our unconscious makes itself known in ways that are meaningful and synchronistic. We feel one with nature or others in unexpected ways. We can be awakened by the Barbie movie, a song, a dream, the morning dove, a beloved’s touch, a memory, a regret, an IRS letter, a diagnosis, a poem, a breeze, a pet, artwork, a phone call … any thing … any time …. any where … any way.

Sister Adeline was seventy-ish years old when I met her. For twenty five years, I was always surprised by how fresh, innovative, creative, spunky and on the cutting edge her youthful spirit filled her world. Though she was a dignified, reverent and calm Catholic nun, her spirit be-bopped. Her eyes sparkled and her wisdom landed. Adeline lived with her eyes wide open to the possibilities that love could manifest miracles every day. When she died a few years ago, throngs of people lined her funeral telling stories of how her awakened soul helped lead them to transformation and wholeness.

August can be so hot and so tiring. Summer freedom is coming to an end and we are officially half way through the year. But August can also be a time to awaken. Maybe you could notice the early morning moments and listen carefully to what you hear? How fascinating is it to imagine your inner voice talking directly to you?

Listening and recording what you hear is a way to bring reverence and care to your authentic self. Honoring and nurturing what arises gives your soul permission and compassion. Sharing and creating from this awakening connects and cultivates your essence to special people and to our world.

Like Sister Adeline, you also have a wise and youthful spirit inside who can inspire others with your own version of being awake and aware. When you open your eyes each morning, may they sparkle and shine with the hope of an ever present new awakening. I am believing it with you.